Orlando’s Food Trucks: Korean BBQ Taco Box

Originally posted on Blogger on June 9, 2011

This week I’m writing about a food truck that I’ve been heaping praises on for weeks now; ever since I first tried the Korean BBQ Taco Box on my very first Official Food Truck Adventure, I just cannot stop singing this awesome eatery’s praises.

Photo taken from http://www.kbbqbox.com/about.php

I will be honest; I haven’t tried as many of their menu items as I would like, but that is mainly because the ones I have tried are so good that I keep going back to them. I will walk up to the window, glance over the menu saying to myself “today I will try a sub…or the fried cheese roll…or chicken, or something else new”…and then I hear myself order one (or both, depending on who I’m feeding!) of my two constant dishes: the beef taco box and the spicy pork taco box.

Here’s the awesome thing about the Korean BBQ Taco Box. For always less than seven dollars, you get an entire meal in a big square box cooked fresh to order. You don’t just get a taco, or a sub; you get a plethora of sides that sing on their own. Frankly, there have been times when I wanted to ask for a box full of just crispy tofu (think chicken nuggets but with tofu instead and a flavorful sauce drizzled over the top) and fried roll (I really couldn’t tell you what is in this, but it is SO good, and has an equally delicious sauce on top of it), but I haven’t done it (yet). In addition to these little morsels of goodness, you also get a spicy chicken wing and a ginger salad with your choice of taco, teriyaki, or sub.

Not only does this truck serve up amazing food, but the folks working here are friendly, chatty, and clearly love what they are doing. They can be found all around town depending on the day of the week (and the time of day, sometimes), and are present at most of the major food truck events around Orlando. In fact, they will be at the first of the summer series of the Daily City Food Truck Bazaars in Oviedo this Sunday! They are also almost always at the weekly Food Pods (on Tuesday at Lake Lily in Maitland and on Wednesday at Firestone Live downtown) and update their hours and locations frequently throughout the day through twitter. They are also most often found during the day and on non-event evenings at the Marathon gas station on the corner of University Blvd. and Goldenrod Rd. If you haven’t tried this sneakily unassuming little yellow truck out yet, go, soon. Rumor has it they will even be rolling out another (or possibly two or three more?) truck in the next few weeks or months.

Korean BBQ Taco Box Food Truck on Urbanspoon


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