The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar #2

Originally posted on Blogger on May 2, 2011

I feel silly titling this post “#2,” as I didn’t get to go to Food Truck Bazaar #1, but well…that’s what it was called, so there you go. I arrived at the parking lot behind Dillard’s at Fashion Square Mall around 8:00pm and was surprised and excited by the huge crowds that had already formed. Groups with chairs were scattered throughout the parking lot and around the trucks themselves, everyone enjoying their finds. The weather was perfect, nice and cool compared to the heat we’d had all day.

I started out at the Firehouse BBQ truck, determined to try as many of the “non-regular” trucks as possible. The line was long, but moving steadily. One of the things I noticed last night was that no one seemed to MIND the lines. Having worked at Disney for eight years, seeing people happily wait in line amazed me. Apparently food is a better motivator/end-goal than a five minute ride. Firehouse BBQ had a good system going, where people waited in one line to place their order and pay for their food and then moved to the back of the second (much shorter!) line to wait for their food to be prepared. I am not much for barbecue, but decided to try out the brisket sandwich. The meat was well cooked and super flavorful, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have a lot to compare it to. Would I order it again? Absolutely. So good. The potato salad had great flavors in it, but was a little too rich for me.

Brisket-y goodness, baked beans, and potato salad

Once I had this plate and had eaten a few bites (I hate wasting food, but there was so much I wanted to try!), I dashed over to the Winter Park Fish Company since there was no line at that moment. I am assuming their menu was bigger at the start of the event, but by the time I got there (around 8:45 or so) there were two things listed: a mahi sandwich and fish tacos. The fish tacos were listed as one for $5 or three for $12. I ordered one and found myself a seat on a nearby curb to enjoy it. The fish was good, but I felt like paying $5 for it was a little much; I would have been disappointed had I spent $12 on three of them, for sure.

Such an awesome-looking truck!
Fish taco with cheese and coleslaw
At this point I was starting to get a bit full, so I decided to take a walk around to look at all of the different trucks, seeing what caught my eye.
the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck had a line virtually all night
As did the Wing Commander truck, which I would have liked to have tried but didn’t have room in my stomach for a full meal plate.
The next thing that caught my eye was the Portabella and Goat Cheese Sandwich from the Travelling Gourmet’s truck. This was on my top list of the night, and I could have eaten a hundred of them (was I not already stuffed, that is). The mushroom cap was meaty and tender and sandwiched neatly inside a round roll, one side of which was spread generously with goat cheese and the other side with a green olive and walnut pesto. The three flavors blended deliciously, with the tang of the goat cheese mixing with the slight olive flavor of the pesto and the meaty mushroom. SO GOOD. I also got a key lime cup, but after consuming the entire portabella sandwich and a few of the fried plantain chips that came with it, I only managed a few bites. The few bites I had, though, were good. True key lime flavor with graham cracker-y goodness at the bottom.
This sandwich LOOKS unassuming but trust me – inside that roll is a party for your mouth!
I sorta forgot to take a photo of my key lime cup before taking a bite, so this guy let me take one of his 🙂
At this point I was full. I mean…FULL. So I wandered around some more. I tried some shrimp and coconut rice from the CJ Jerk Shack Island BBQ. The way they have their line set up is great, with steps up onto the actual truck to order from the window. Super cute.
I’m not really a fan of peel and eat, but the coconut rice and beans was so interesting to me. A little too sweet for my taste, but I loved the strength of the coconut flavor.

Finally, because I have just read so much about it on twitter over the last week, I knew I needed to stop by the Treehouse Truck, especially since the line had died down a bit and I knew I wouldn’t make it out to the food pod yet again this week (if only it could last another hour I’d be able to make it after work!). The chimoo was a must, and because I decided my stomach really needed to be punished, I ordered a deep-fried PB&J as well. They had a great system going with the line, with one person walking through and taking orders and then distributing food as it was ready. I was a little surprised at the prices at first ($7.50 for the chimoo and $6.50 for the PB&J) but let me tell you folks, you SO get your money’s worth. Those two sandwiches are HUGE. I took my goodies in hand and just gaped. Here, you can gape too:

Gape!! You know you want to.
I knew my stomach had bested me, though, so I started the walk back to my car with both of these items in my hand. Once in the car, I took a couple of bites of each, admitted defeat, and started my drive home. I managed to finish half of the PB&J (which, for those of you that don’t know, is a delicious fried concoction filled with peanut butter, apricot jam, and nutella) and a few more bites of my chimoo before heading up to bed in a complete and total food coma.
Overall, I would say the second Food Truck Bazaar was an amazing success. I didn’t manage to make it to the food bloggers table (booooo!) but was so glad to see it on my way out along with the trucks I have started to recognize around, mixed in amongst the newcomers. The music was hopping, the crowds were full and happy, and everyone seemed to do great business.
I can’t wait for the next one, although I’ve got to admit, I will have to be a bit less ambitious going in next time around.
I am almost caught up with my latest foodie adventures! Look for my next post to be about both a lunch and dinner (courtesy of Orlando Restaurant Week) at McCormick & Schmicks to be up in the next day or so.
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