Anatolia in Dr. Phillips

Originally posted on Blogger on June 13, 2011

My mother had recommended Anatolia to me a few months ago, saying the Turkish and Lebanese offerings were amazing and “just like the little place across from our old house in Boston,” so with praise like that, it was immediately on my list of must-eats. However, I kept forgetting about it when trying to decide on a place to eat! Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got into a chat on Twitter about it with a few fellow foodies, and decided C and I would have to try it that weekend for lunch.

Located in the Dr. Phillips shopping center off of Sand Lake Rd (right in the “Restaurant Row” area), Anatolia is a small restaurant with gorgeous decor wedged in between Einstein’s Bagels and Starbucks. It has a few tables on the outdoor walkway for when the weather isn’t too hot and is great, in my opinion, for both a casual lunch and a semi-dressy date night.

C and I have been looking for great Mediterranean food (his goal is to find a kebab as good as the ones from The Golden Grill in Clevedon, the little town we lived in in the UK) for some time now, and we definitely found it at Anatolia. This is far from street food, though, and the prices reflect that to an extent. However, it is worth the money, be it for lunch or dinner.

When it comes to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, I tend to gravitate more towards dishes that are considered appetizers than the entrees themselves. The Anatolia menu was no exception to this. I swear, I wanted to order everything on the appetizer page, both hot and cold. Alas, that was not in our budget (nor was there room in our stomachs!), so we went for the two appetizer plate for $11 and chose the feta cheese plate and the hummus. I can’t wait to go back with a bigger group of friends; they have a five-choice appetizer plate for $21 as well.

One thing that I found odd was that appetizers that are dips, such as the hummus and the cacik (tzatziki), do not come with anything to dip into them! Luckily, when the waitress asked us if we would like an order of lavas with our appetizer plate, we said yes. However, I do see that as a bit of an issue; I would rather they add a couple of dollars to the price of the appetizers and automatically include the lavas than make it something you have to order on the side. Along with our appetizers we were given a small dish of pickled cabbage and another of black olives in oil. The pickled cabbage was delicious, and we both found ourselves making little wraps of lavas, cabbage, hummus, and feta.

Unfortunately (well, sort of), those little appetizer wraps that we created were so delicious we gobbled them up, finding ourselves almost full before the entrees even arrived! That was a bit of a shame, as both of our entrees were very, very tasty.

C ordered the doner/gyro/shwarma platter, which came with a decent-sized portion of lamb meat off of their rotating skewer, grilled vegetables, rice or bulgur (C got rice), and a few pieces of pita bread. He declared the gyro meat the best he’d had in the US so far, and even though he was practically full when the plate arrived managed to scarf it all down. The rice was also delicious; it tasted almost buttery and had chickpeas scattered throughout.

I had the kofte kebab wrap and asked that they substitute the lentil soup for bulgur since I knew I would never have room for the soup and the bulgur would be easier to take home. The wrap is described on the menu as “chargrilled mear patties grilled to perfection” and is a combination of lamb and beef. I did enjoy my wrap thoroughly, and the sauce that surrounded the meat patties was very good. I do wish I’d known ahead of time that there was raw tomato in the wrap as well, as I ended up having to pick those out, but that is a tiny nitpick-y issue. The bulgur was delicious. I have realized lately how much I love “alternative” grains like bulgur and quinoa, and this was no exception.

Kofte Kebab Wrap with Salad
Inside of the Kofte Kebab Wrap
Unfortunately, we were both too full to try any of their desserts; so many of them sound amazing! I can’t wait to go back again with a larger group so that we can sample more menu items, including (hopefully) the baklava and the kunefe (described on their site as shredded dough layered with a mild pastry cheese drizzled with homemade syrup).

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