Big Wheel Truck

Originally posted on Blogger on July 15, 2011

I was so excited about setting up Food Truck Friday when I first started. And then I got busy with, well, everything, and Fridays just seemed to slip by, and I’d completely forget to write a food truck post! Ooops. But don’t you worry (because I know, I know, you were worrying), Food Truck Friday is back, and what better way to bring it back than by talking about one of the two trucks from my very first (official) food truck adventure ever!

Since that first visit to the Big Wheel Truck, I have been at least three more times that I can think of, each time introducing someone new to their always varied and always, always local items. I won’t say that I have enjoyed every single thing that I’ve had from this gourmet truck (I didn’t enjoy the pork belly sandwich quite as much the second time around, for example), but the things that I have liked (which is most of them), I have loved. Items that I’ve tried that stand out specifically include the grouper cheek sandwich, which I tried for the first time last week at the Firestone food truck pod. I liked it so much, in fact, that I was tempted to go back for a second one! Another item I loved was the meatloaf sandwich that C ordered when we visited Big Wheel at the Spatz food truck pod after being insanely disappointed with the Winter Park Sip & Stroll. This sandwich made up for that annoying evening almost completely. The other two favorite items sound super simple but were just so tasty, and I keep remembering them every time I see the truck, from my first visit. The fresh mozzarella ovaline with tomato jam and the curry french fries are just….ridiculous, they are so good. So good.

Another thing that makes me smile about Big Wheel is the fact that they seem to be so supportive of the rest of the local food truck community. There does not seem to be any competition or sense of one-ups-manship, and every time I’ve stepped up to the window the people on the other side just seem genuinely happy to be there and to be making amazing food as part of such an awesome local food movement.

Using the motto that “local is lovely,” the Big Wheel Truck is part of the Big Wheel Provisions company, created by Chef Tony Adams devoted to using local ingredients and cooking in small batches to make those ingredients shine. And shine they do. This truck and all of its local supporters make me (and my stomach) a happy, happy girl.

Grouper Cheek Sandwich
Meatloaf Sandwich on the left,
Pork Belly Sandwich on the right,
with Duck Fat Fries on both plates
Inside of the meatloaf sandwich. SO GOOD.
Bacon fries (excuse the terrible photo)

Big Wheel Provisions Food Truck on Urbanspoon



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