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Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, it was a huge treat when my mom would take us to The Swedish Bakery after a morning of running errands. That tiny bakery made the best cookies a kid could possibly want in what seemed like a million different varieties. Not only did their cookies rock, they made seriously awesome birthday cakes that my mom special ordered for us each year.

Why am I starting a post that is clearly about a different location by talking about a bakery that may not even exist anymore? Because for me, food isn’t just about brand new experiences; food is about creating and reliving memories. I know I’m not alone when I say that a smell, a taste, of a certain food or ingredient can instantly take me back to a memorable experience. Delish NY Bakery did this for me the first time I walked inside. Tucked inside the Whole Foods plaza at the corner of Sand Lake and Turkey Lake Rd, when I saw their bakery case full of the cookies I remembered from my childhood I instantly felt at home.

I know I’m waxing poetic here, but just bear with me. This place is worth it. The decor at Delish is very basic; they don’t need anything to distract from the gorgeous goodies in the bakery cases, frankly (although they do have their holiday decorations up already, and that made this girl happy!).

Everyone I know that has been to Delish has their favorite item(s), and really, everything I have tried on multiple visits has been, well, delish. My favorites, though, have to be their cupcakes (made in house, from scratch, of course) and their bagels (although I rarely leave without a box of cookies, too!). Delish has their bagels shipped in, frozen after being boiled, from New York. Yep, that’s right, for those of you Northerners, these bagels are actually made with New York water. I don’t know that I can tell the difference because of the water specifically, but I do know that these are the best bagels I’ve had since moving to Florida. They bake the bagels and make all of their cream cheeses in house and trust me, they are gooooooooooooood. My favorite combo? A pumpernickel bagel, lightly toasted with scallion cream cheese. Holy yum.

So, here’s my thing with cupcakes. I bake at home, and one of my favorite things to make is cupcakes, especially in creative flavors, and frankly, it is rare that I find a “gourmet cupcake” elsewhere that I actually don’t regret paying for afterwards. In fact, the cupcakes at Delish are the only cupcakes that I have and will gladly pay for instead of going through the hassle of baking my own. So good, and their flavor combinations are creative, classic, and delicious. The much-too-cloying sweetness that is often present in bakery buttercream is absent here (and no, I don’t know how they manage that!), leaving you with a cupcake that has the perfect ratio of yummy frosting to moist cake. And the ones with fillings? They do not skimp there. Every filled cupcake has a generous amount, letting you taste cake, filling, and frosting all in every bite.

I’ve (as embarrassed as I am to admit it) tried at least a bite of each of their regular flavors, and also had the opportunity to try their two current seasonal flavors (pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake) recently. While I love them all, I definitely have a few that stand out to me and that I would recommend as one to try first. My top three? The cookies ‘n’ cream, raspberry, and s’mores flavors. I’d put the pumpkin pie cupcake (pumpkin cake with pumpkin pie filling and whipped cream frosting) on that list, but as it is only available seasonally that would just be mean. Instead, you should just head to Delish today and try it out 😉

In addition to their cupcakes, bagels, and assorted cookies, Delish NY Bakery offers deli favorites in the form of both breakfast and lunch sandwiches, Italian ice, and other bakery favorites such as black & white cookies (a huge hit, I’m told, although I haven’t tried them yet), assorted muffins, and cannolis filled to order. Plus, they now offer their “cakes on the fly,” so if you forgot to pre-order a celebration cake, Delish totally has your back.

Laura (Mrs. Delish) is also always trying new things to add to the Delish display cases, so you need to visit often to check out their seasonal offerings. When I was there a few days ago, I got the chance to try out some of their new Holiday Chocolates and good lord they are good. They will be available as gift boxes for the holidays (duh), and come in assorted flavors including orange, coconut, hazelnut, and several others.

Photo taken and provided by Delish NY Bakery

In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, I am a huge fan of Delish NY Bakery. They love what they do and are proud of their business, and it shows in the quality of both their products and their service.

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Disclosure: I was given an assortment of cupcakes to try for this post. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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