An Anniversary and a Weekend at Walt Disney World (part one)

My blog isn’t quite a year old yet, so this isn’t THAT kind of anniversary…it is an even bigger, better one, to me at least. On this date five years ago, I married my very best friend. We had an amazing small ceremony on the Disney Wonder and were able to spend four days cruising the Bahamas with 30 of our closest friends and family members. As a couple, we’ve been through an amazing number of changes in just five short years, including living in England, moving back to the States, buying pets, a house, a car, and even a motorcycle. We’ve done green card applications and both ended up in jobs that we never saw ourselves in. Plus the normal ups and downs that every married couple experiences. At the end of the day, I am so happy to have had him by my side for the entire time.

We had originally planned to celebrate five years of marriage aboard Disney’s newest ship, the Disney Dream, but we are getting an even better gift this year (baby boy! Eep!) so we canceled it and went to Walt Disney World for the weekend instead. Not a bad trade, for sure. We spent two nights staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort and because we were able to get a great deal on the Disney Dining Plan we ate some great meals(and some just okay ones). We also took advantage of the monthly payment plan option for Florida residents and purchased annual passes to the parks! I’m so excited to be able to go back as often as we want for the next year.

C had to work on Friday morning, so we arrived at the resort mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and checking out the resort. After a short nap (I’d worked the night before), we headed off to the Yacht Club Resort for dinner at The Captain’s Grille. We had eaten here once before about a year ago, but enjoyed it so much we decided to return. We even ordered the exact same entrees this time around! The Yacht and Beach Club Resorts also hold a bit of a special place for us because we stayed there on our honeymoon after the cruise five years ago.

The Captain’s Grille, fitting with its setting inside the Yacht Club, is a fairly casual full-service restaurant decorated in a nautical style. The walls are adorned with various ship accessories, the tabletops are wood with nautical flags painted on them, and there are model ships scattered throughout the dining room. It is a themed restaurant without being too hokey, in my opinion. I love it.

As part of our dining plan we were both able to order a non-alcoholic beverage, an entrée, and a dessert. On previous trips we normally order an appetizer to share and just pay for it, but this time we decided to forgo it to make sure we could finish the rest of our meals. I do know, though,that in the past I loved the Green Goddess Salad at Captain’s Grille, and it took a lot for me to resist it this time around! Instead, we asked for some bread to tide us over until the entrees arrived. We were given a basket of warm brown bread and a dish of butter with sea salt sprinkled over it. It was simple yet oh so good, and I had to push it to the other side of the table so that I didn’t fill up on it.

C ordered a Sam Adams for his beverage (befitting a New England style restaurant, of course) and I had a Minute Maid Light Pomegranate Lemonade. I have never seen this flavor of Minute Maid Light anywhere else, but it is deliciously tart and sweet all at the same time.

For entrees, C had the Mustard-Rubbed New York Strip (ordered medium rare) and I had the Snow Crab Legs. Heaven on a freakin’ plate for both of us, let me tell you. C’s steak was cooked slightly unevenly, but even with that error he loved every bite and couldn’t say enough good things about the fingerling potatoes and cipollini onions that came alongside it. He is a guy who likes his steak well-seasoned but otherwise plain so that he can taste the meat, so I was shocked when I saw him repeatedly dipping into the spiced veal jus. Until I tried a bit myself…super good!

My snow crab legs were, as always, delicious and messy. I ate every last morsel, leaving the corn and most of the boiled potatoes on my plate. Who needs corn and potatoes when you have crab legs dipped in drawn butter? I mean…come on.

We were a little disappointed when the desserts had changed since our last visit, but I know that after mine arrived, at least, I was no longer disappointed. In the past we’d enjoyed the key lime tart and the apple tarte tatin, but this time we ordered the Hazelnut Gianduja Chocolate and the Blueberry Cherry Pie. C wolfed down his dessert (of course, he will gobble up anything that is made of chocolate!), and I just could not stop eating my pie. It was full of delicious, juicy berries, the bottom crust was nice and thin, and the crumble topping was generous and in perfect proportion to the fruit. The sorbet that came on the side was a nice temperature contrast, but I barely touched it, frankly, in favor of devouring more of the pie itself.

Our server was super sweet, and gave us the take home package of mini lemon poppyseed cakes (so so so so good, by the way) with a Happy Anniversary balloon attached to it! Overall, our meal at Captain’s Grille was fabulous, and was a perfect start to our mini anniversary getaway. We also ate at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and spent the day at Magic Kingdom, but that’ll have to wait until my next post. 🙂

What is your favorite restaurant on Walt Disney World property? Is there one that you have to eat at every time you visit?



5 responses

  1. I’m a big fan of Boma at (DAK Lodge) and Cape May’s (Beach Club)!! Your anniversary dinner looks so yummy!! Happy anniversary!! ♥

  2. Awe, very cool! Happy Anniversary! I LOVE Flying Fish at Disney’s Boardwalk… probably one of my favorites! I do love Tony’s Town Square and have never eaten at the Captain’s Grill…

  3. Wow, our weddings sure were similar, lol. Five years ago, Disney-related, stayed at the Yacht & Beach Club for part of the honeymoon (though we married there as well), and a (planned) DCL cruise for the 5-year anniversary (ours is in April but it was cheaper to go in October, so that’s when we’ll be going). The big difference? No babies for us, lol. Looks like you had a blast so far; I’m glad you found places to eat that you liked.

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