A Final Word

I just realized I’ve been posting in a new blog all this time and I never came here to tell those of you that read this one where I went! I love my food blog, but unfortunately with working full time and having an almost six month old (he is almost SIX MONTHS OLD already! Can you believe it?), I just don’t have the time for cooking/photographing recipes or the money to be eating out for restaurant posts all the time anymore.

Plus, I’ve been feeling the need to write about more than just food, especially since becoming a mom, so that’s what I’m doing at my new place: a little bit of everything. I hope you’ll follow me there, but if just the food is your thing, I totally understand!

I’ve also changed my Twitter handle; I can now be found as @LenoreWait.

You can still contact me by email at either OrlndoFoodie@gmail.com or at LenoreWait@gmail.com

And for my new blog….you can find it here, on Blogger, under it’s title of Mommy, Wait! (get the play on words?)

I’ve also got a facebook page for the new blog, so if FB is your thing, find me here!

And as one last thing, I’ve got a huuuuuge favor to ask you all, because you rock so much. My little guy is part of the Gerber Milestones contest to win a $10,000 Gerber Life College Plan and/or a chance to be in a Gerber ad, and I’d love for you to vote once (or daily, really, that’d be the best!) for him! You can find the link below:

Hayden’s Gerber Milestones Entry!


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