Insatiable is written by Lenore Wait

I live in Orlando, Florida, with my amazing husband and our adorable son (born in March, 2012!) and am a lover of all things kitchen- and food-related. I also love to read (especially cookbooks!) and am a huge Disney fan (which makes living in Orlando a bonus). I work in public service, currently, and have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (which I have yet to use…oops), but my true passions lie in baking and cooking (and eating), writing, and spending time with my family.

I grew up on the South Shore in Massachusetts, and as a result have a fondness for everything shellfish, even though I have yet to cook much of it on my own. Lobster rolls and clam chowder take precedence, of course, but give me a bucket of mussels, clams, or crab claws any day and you will find yourself with a happy, happy girl. Living abroad in a small farm town in the UK also gave me a chance to expand my food appreciation. We lived in an older apartment with the world’s smallest appliances and I had no job, so I found myself cooking. A lot. I cooked and baked daily, learning to use the ingredients that were unique to England to replace the American ones that I missed. I also spent a great deal of time making comfort foods (especially Jewish comfort foods) from my childhood, and rediscovered my love of my culture’s recipes that way. While living there, I also learned to love British food culture, especially British “take-aways,” including amazing chip shops, kebab shops and Chinese food.

My job nor my education have anything to do with my love of food, and at this point very rarely involve my love of writing, so, I found that discovering Orlando’s amazing local restaurant gems and cooking in my small but awesome kitchen (it has a dishwasher! and normal-sized appliances! and a mixer! – all things I missed while in the UK) are both excellent ways of winding down and de-stressing both after work and on my days off. I am rarely more comfortable than when I am baking at home or sitting around a table with friends and family enjoying amazing food.

So, with that love of food and my unused love of writing, it only made sense that I start a blog! It has become an additional outlet, and even more, it has become a way for me to meet people involved with and become a part of a local (and non-local!) foodie community that I barely knew existed previously.


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